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Choosing Energy Efficient Washing Machines

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and to cut down on your utility bills, look for washing machines with the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label. This small sticker speaks volumes about the product’s overall design and amount of energy used.

Statistics show that if all households in the UK replaced their low efficiency washing machines there could potentially be £11 million in energy costs saved over one year. This small change can have a large effect on your household while still delivering a quality clean.

How Are Energy Saving Trust Recommended Washing Machines Rated?

Based on testing the appliance must meet the standards laid out by the Energy Saving Trust. These standards are improved upon regularly and the appliance manufacturers need to improve and tweak their designs to keep up with the current levels.

If a washer meets the standards that model is assigned a rating based on the scores. Three areas are rated, including the overall energy efficiency, the spin efficiency and the washer performance. The top rated models will be assigned an AAA (or sometimes A++) grade. This means that they achieved the highest standards for all three categories.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in These Appliances?

Besides ensuring your washing machine includes the latest features and innovations, investing in Energy Saving Trust Recommended washers is an easy way to control your utility costs. These models use less water and power, thanks to the ratings for each of the three categories and a maximum level of power the appliance can draw while it’s on standby.

Did you know that by shutting off your appliance before it goes on standby you can automatically save power and money? These easy fix is something most homeowners do not know about.

Saving Energy Overall

Other ways to save energy while washing the laundry is by opting for cold water washes. Unless your clothing is heavily soiled, a cold water wash will do just as good a job as the warm water, except that you will save the energy used to heat the water.

Also, always aim to wash a full load of laundry. Some washing machine models come with water level settings that allow you to efficiently run a half load, but for the most part it is good practice to only turn the machine on when there is a full load to wash.

By doing your laundry with these energy saving practices and investing in Energy Saving Trust Recommended washing machines UK families can lower their utility bills and help out the planet in a big way.

Save money and the environment when buying a new washing machine or any other appliance such as a washer dryer by purchasing one with a high energy saving rating.

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