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Essential Features Of The Leading Refrigerators

Refrigerators are necessary to keep your food fresh and cool. Keeping your fridge constantly stocked with snacks and meal ingredients means you need to have a reliable appliance to cool them. Look for features that suit your kitchen and lifestyle, not to mention your budget.

Size and Shape
Refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and are commonly categorized by the interior capacity. Ranging from the more compact 110 litre sizes up to a massive 385 litre capacity, fridges are available to hold your milk and fresh fruit or a stock of food for a large family.

Other manufacturers categorize their models based on the width in centimetres (cm). They also have a stated capacity, but are often sold based on the door width. Be sure when comparing models that you look at the overall gross (or net) capacity which gives you a better idea of how much can actually be stored in the fridge.

Many refrigerators are made to be installed under the kitchen counter. They tend to be squat and come with a wide door that also has built in storage. Other models, often called tabletop fridges, are made to sit out on top of the counter or table. There are also drink fridges usually designed with clear glass doors and less versatility in the shelving.

Efficiency Levels
Because your refrigerator runs all day, every day it is very important that you opt for an energy efficient model. Look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended Label, which will indicate whether the fridge meets the standards for high efficiency that result in lower energy usage and fewer emissions.

Specifically you should look for an A+ grading. These models may carry a slightly higher price tag, but the savings over time should more than make up for that and you will also be contributing to a better environment.

Design Features
Some refrigerators come with a freezer built in, making this a multi-functioning appliance that will save you space. Fridge freezers are more expensive. Experts recommend that if you do not need the freezer attached, it’s often best to go with two separate appliances. That way you can save valuable kitchen space and design for the most efficiency.

Price Ranges
Refrigerators come in a broad range of prices, from the low £100 price tag to above £1000. The model that you choose should fit with the size and shape your family and kitchen layout requires. It should also be rated for energy efficiency and be available in a selection of colours. Be sure to choose a reputable brand name that is known for durability. That way you can count on your fridge to last for years to come.

If you need compact fridges or have space for a luxurious american fridge freezer then go online to make sure you are getting the best price when you are buying your new appliance.

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