Stellar Portable Induction Hob 4star


Stellar Portable Induction Hob


Price: £69.16

Portable induction cooktops are fast, convenient and very easy to use.

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I have this for over a year. I like it.It cooks rapidly , much faster than my gas hob. The timer setting feature is brilliant for cooking anything with liquid in as I go off and forget about it as it turns itself off. No more burnt pots for me!

It was meant to complement the gas stove but has now taken its place as the main cooker! My teenagers sons like it too mainly because its so easy to clean!

If the unit has no pan on it for a minute it turns itself off which is helpful. It also has a timer (up to 10 hours in minute intervals).

It is very light and comes with a useful length power cable – about a metre.

Overall – very good if you want more, rather than less, heating. Brilliant for getting pans up to heat quickly and for intense frying. No good for slow simmering.

I wouldn’t be without it now. I haven’t had it long enough to comment on reliability and I wish I’d read the other reviews first – especially as I think I need one with a lower minimum temperature setting.

 Stellar Portable Induction Hob

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