Bosch PIE611T14E Built-In Induction Hob in Black


Bosch PIE611T14E Built-In Induction Hob in Black


Price: £489.99

Induction hobs are the best way to cook nowadays. Almost instant heat, clean and economical.

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The Bosch induction hob is elegant and efficient, an excellent way to cook. As with all induction cooking, it is important to have suitable (magnetic) pots and pans. The Bosch induction hob is intuitive to operate and has safety features (such as warnings that an area is still hot and a child safety lockout). Cooking is very quick, with changes to heat settings almost instantaneous, unlike conventional electric hobs. The Bosch quality is evident in this product, and I recommend it.

Cooking control is amazingly precise, you turn a pan down to simmer and it responds instantly. What’s more you know that when you come back it’ll still be simmering just as you left it.
The hob top remains perfectly free from burnt-on spills because the hob never gets any hot (other than the heat which it gets from having a hot pan sitting on it).

In summary it looks great, the rings are well placed so you are not fighting for pan space and it is easy to control once you remember not to use it the same way as an old gas or electric hob. Oh, and with something like Hob Brite it is also very easy to clean!

 Bosch PIE611T14E Built In Induction Hob in Black

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