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ovens Helpful stoves and ovens Reviews Website

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Are you looking for ways to save energy and live your life greener? You can cook your food by the light of the sun. What could be more back-to-the-earth and off-the-grid than that? Solar ovens are available commercially, and can be quite expensive. If you are into green living you don't need me to tell you all the un-green things about stoves and ovens, gas and electric alike. But you may need me to offer you an alternative. So here it is - the simple homemade solar oven that you can make for under 10 dollars.

Your list of materials:

2 cardboard boxes of two different sizes (more on this in a sec)
4 flat pieces of cardboard (2'-3' square or rectangular)
scrap cardboard
1 small, 18" wide roll of aluminum foil
1 piece double-strength glass (more on this in a sec too)
white paper glue
black pan

Now, about those boxes - one of them should be able to fit inside the other stoves and ovens one with 2 to 3 inches of space all around. And about that glass - it should be half-an-inch longer and half-an-inch wider than your smaller cardboard box.

A solar oven is made up of two parts: the oven itself and a solar collector.

To make the oven:

Paint the inside of your smaller box black.

Cut up your cardboard scrap into pieces and line the bottom of the larger box with a layer of scrap thick enough so that when you place the smaller box inside the larger one, the smaller one's lip rests about one inch below the larger one's lip.

Once you've got your scrap layer sized right, take that smaller box out for a second so you can fold in the larger boxes flaps. Then place the smaller box inside. Cut up however much more scrap you need to stuff in around the sides of the smaller box so that you've got it wedged in there good.

The glass should make a nice seal when placed on top of the oven, with enough of a lip that your finger can hook under it to raise and lower the glass as needed.

To make the solar collector:

Take the 4 flat pieces of cardboard (don't use double-strength) and cut them out in the shape of an anvil (like the kind the Road Runner drops on Wile E. Coyote's head all the time). Glue these to the upper, outer rim of your solar oven so that the pieces join together in an overturned lampshade sort of shape. (To do this, glue the shorter of the two parallel sides of each flap to the upper, outer rim of the larger cardboard box. Then glue the angled edges to one another.)

Glue aluminum foil to the upward facing sides of these 4 flaps.

And you're done!

To use the oven, simply place the food you want cooked inside it and sit the unit out under the sun until sufficiently cooked. Then eat and enjoy your - gas and electricity free!

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ovens Helpful stoves and ovens Reviews Website

8 Responses to “Helpful stoves and ovens Reviews Website”

  • Miz Lamb:

    I grew up in a ranch house that had no airconditioning. we canned all summer! it was totally hot in there standing over hot stove stirring kettles of stuff for my mother. We had no choice unless we chose to NOT eat during the winter. get one of those neck scarf things with the crystals in it. It really helps in this kitchen I have now. Still no air conditioning and I am still canning most of my winter foods.a damp tea towel around your neck also may help.

  • Amadeus:

    Devices in which the wanted energy output is heat are inherently very efficient (some approaching almost 100%). But they could still lose energy in the form of light (blackbody radiation – we can see the element of a stove when it gets hot!).

  • KayBee:

    Nope, no difference. 350 degrees is 350 degrees whether the heat is generated from gas or electricity. Different ovens will cook differently, but it’s more a matter of insulation, materials, how the oven is made, etc. Heat source is only important if burning something (like coal or wood) creates its own flavor.

  • George:

    Try Craigslist

  • sophieb:

    I heard that using an oven to heat is dangerous (even though our grandmothers used to heat the one gathering room with a stove that had firewood and coal in it and had a pipe to the outside, still it threw sparks and caught things on fire), probably dangerous because it isn’t made to be on for an extended period of time. But even small room heaters are dangerous.I just bought myself an electric blanket and also a sleeping bag (for very low temperatures), and I work during the hours 3-6 AM so I’m moving around and breathing during the coldest hours, but also I have the lights and the computer going at that time and both generate heat (in fact my pc melted the scanner lid last year from the heat it gives off). Could you stock up on wool socks and sweatshirts and such till that job gets done?


    any kind will work, but you will only want to use commercial ovens.They get hotter, stay hotter by using fans and higher thermostats.They last longer, are easier to clean, can hold largert sized and amounts of food and will be sure to fit your local regulations. Department of Agriculture will require you to have a certain amount of space in certain areas (between ceiling etc), will require specific hood and vent systems. Some cities even require stainless steel…speak with your DOA locally to find out specifics.Todays commercial ovens can be specilized like “pizza ovens” or “counter top ovens” to fit your location.Cmmercial ovens have timers with an alarm plus racks and decks to be as flexible as possible for baking multiple items at once. Many ovens have a “rapid cooldown” feature also.

  • Corky R:

    Actuallly John, you’re most likely going to have to contact someone at a large marina, that services sail boats. There should be someone around there that has a connection to the company that made that unit. It’s not a convential domestic range, of course, so the normal channels probably won’t be much help. Just be sure to have the make and model number ready when you find them.

  • Seija:

    Don’t put anything in it. On my stove, I have to make sure the stove top is clean before I use the self-cleaning oven feature because the oven gets so hot, it heats up the whole stove surface, top, sides, etc. I have a permanent yellow stain where I missed a spot once. You will probably smell things because your oven is incinerating the spills. Just keep an eye on it, don’t set it and then leave the house. Don’t do it on a hot day because it really heats your kitchen up. I think mine takes about 3 hours; when you set it, you should get a countdown timer on your stove, letting you know how long it’ll take.The door will lock so that you can’t open it, this is normal and don’t freak out. It will unlock automatically.When the cycle is over, you may notice ash in the bottom of the oven. Just wipe it out with a damp rag. Good luck!

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