Great induction hob Research

induction hobs Great induction hob Research

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Induction hobs are very clean and normally easy to use, although some manufactures have over complicated the operation (Miele' new range of induction hobs we have found especially hard to use). Induction hobs are efficient and quick; they heat up in seconds and cool down just as quick due to the induction technology that makes them work.

The technology behind induction hobs is quite simple there is a strong electro magnet, which is positioned just under the ceramic glass. When switched on the zone will conduct heat through a ferrous metal-bottomed pan and cook what is ever inside it. Once the pan is moved off the surface the electro magnet induction hob instantly ceases conducting heat. Induction hobs are much faster than any other electric hob technology and even faster than most gas hobs.

Induction Hobs have the added benefit of being very safe; because once a pan is moved even if the hob is switched on it will be cool to the touch until a metal saucepan activates the induction. This means that induction is the ideal product to have when safety is essential. This technology comes with drawbacks; it simply will not work unless your pans are ferrous metal i.e magnetic.

At we recommend Induction Hobs as the quickest and safest way to cook at home. Induction Hobs are also cheaper to run than any other type of electric hob currenly available. The brands we recommend are: Neff Induction hobs, De Deitrich Induction Hobs & Siemens Induction Hobs.

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induction hobs Great induction hob Research

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  • Karen L:

    Put one of those pans on it with some water in it, turn on the burner and if it doesn’t heat up, you’ve got induction. If you can see rings when the stove heats up, it’s not induction. Induction burners don’t look any different when they’re on than when they’re off.

  • A A:

    have a griddle & grill on one side of your island – it’ll look fine…save the opposite side as a counter or use it as a breakfast bar of sorts – typical underneath are cabinets – use these for larger items that won’t fit into typical kitchen cabinetry… large serving platters, small appliances, etc…Good counter space is a premium – use it! Add built in display cubbies above it on the large wall to display some of you more interesting serving wares along with some small framed posters, etc…?good luck ~ enjoy your new home!

  • Mike Ezra:

    no, but you can poop on a midget.

  • Chef Dave:

    The answer is in your question.I’ll help you find it since this sounds like homework…Induction is method of cooking completely different from all other cooking technologies because it does not involve generating heat which is then transferred to the cooking vessel but rather it makes the cooking vessel itself the original generator of the cooking heat.Induction cookers require that all your cooking vessels be of a “ferrous” metal which means something that will sustain a magnetic field.

  • Fade To Black:

    steamercook and hold ovencontact grillhot air rotary fryerpressure fryer I want oneHalogen hobdeep fat fryerconvection ovenfry plates / hot plates like a waffle iron at home with flip over platesInduction rangeHow’d I do? I always wanted to be a chef.Best Wishes.

  • William B:

    could be a type o

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