Induction Cooktop Helpful Free Information

induction cooktops Induction Cooktop Helpful Free Information

If you are like me, you need a little bit on information before making a buying decision. Here’s a description of induction cooktop for you.

Induction cooktops are interesting appliances, so you're shopping for one, you must be excited. These cooktops come with impressive benefits and features and offer incredible time and power savings. These cooktops are used commercially all around the world and are making appearances in private homes as well. If you're new to all this, be prepared to learn because this is a completely new area from what you're used to. That's okay, though, because it's a fun type of learning. Here are some things you should know before you start shopping for induction cooktops.

One of the induction cooktops many features are the sensors that come with the units. You should look for a model with a sensor that can automatically detect whether or not there is a pan on the unit. This sensor is a good safety measure that helps protect the user as well as the unit. This sensor only allows the cooktop to turn on if there induction cooktop is a pan present. As you can see, this is an important safety measure for your home or business. Removing the pan from the unit will turn it off which is a great energy saver.

The cooktop you purchase will ultimately be decided by your circumstances. Your selection will be limited if you have an existing home with only so much space for a new cooktop. It's completely different, however, if you're building a new home or completely renovating your kitchen. The latter situation will give you the greatest flexibility, choices, and options as far as which induction cooktop you can buy. When working with an existing space, it's important to consider the electrical rating of the wiring that will provide your cooktop with power. This will decide the unit you can get. When replacing an existing cooktop, space is not the sole consideration.

Induction cooktops are capable of sensing what type of cookware you are using and compensating for the changes. Magnetic masses of the pots are detected by the sensors on the unit. Induction cooktops must be used with ferrous materials in the pots or a magnetic quality type material. 5 inch diameter is the standard pot used with induction cooktops. You can even find overheat sensors in these cooktops. This function allows the unit to turn itself off in the event of an overheating situation. Additional features include a child safety feature that requires a code to be entered before the unit can be used.

In the future we are likely to see many features and option availabilities in induction cooktops. This is a very young industry that is just beginning to expand more into the residential and typical household market. As more and more companies begin to notice the potential for home use you will see the prices come down even more.


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frigidaire-fpcf3091lf-30in-electric-cooktop-w -range

induction cooktops Induction Cooktop Helpful Free Information

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  • thorntonleanne:

    The pans must definately be magnetic to work on an induction hob as i have one myself. If it isn’t magnetic the heat can’t penetrate through the metal.

  • Karen L:

    That will depend on the individual cooktop, but I can tell you that I have an induction hotplate, a one-burner thing that plugs into a socket, 1500 watts. I experimented with a pot of water on the induction hotplate, and then on the coil burner on my stove. Same pot, same amount of water, both starting from room temperature pot and water from the tap. The coil burner took 4.5 minutes to a full rolling boil, the induction hotplate took 2.5 minutes. So the induction burner boiled the water almost twice as fast, and a hardwired induction cooktop would have more power than my little hotplate. I got it just to see how I like the technology, and so far it has lived up to the promises. Heat control really is fast–if a pot is about to boil over and you shut off the heat, it just stops boiling, and it starts boiling again fast too. I had to learn to adjust my cooking schedules while using the hotplate because there’s no waiting for something to start cooking like there is with my coil burners. Very very easy to keep clean, too, you can wipe off the burner right in the middle of cooking, and nothing burns on. I’m sold. My next kitchen stove will be induction.

  • arbiter007:

    Sunpentown makes portable induction stoves often found in certain Asian restaurants that use conventional power.’re often sold in Asian stores.

  • Ed:

    Of course, there may be a short circuit in wiring to the big burners. It is possible though, that the fuse is of the improper rating.If the fuse blows when the burners are not turned on, it must be a short circuit. It could be in the feed to either or both burner switches, or the branch to one burner switch.If it does not blow when only one burner is turned on, but does on the other, you can guess where the trouble is. If it blows only when both are turned on, it is likely that the fuse is of too low a rating.

  • Bert C:

    If a magnet will stick to them they should work.Bert

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