The Use And Function Of Portable Drinking Water Filter

There are numerous kinds of portable drinking water filters, but they all have one thing in common – they all cost money. Some cost a lot more than others. But why bother at all with any type of portable water filter such as tap water filters or carbon water filters when we will get water out of our house and public taps? We already pay our public water company for that. It is because the quality of public drinking water gets worse and worse.

Shaken Not Stirred

Over years of pollution, agricultural run off and lax government regulations about dumping waste into the sources of our public water supply, tap water has become an unappetizing cocktail. Included in this brew are carcinogens, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria and also prescription medications.

Our under-funded and overworked water utility companies don’t have the technology to remove all of these pollutants, so until they can, we have to do it ourselves by using portable drinking water filters for our houses, RVs or vehicles. Because more and more people are concerned about their water, portable drinking water filters are getting easier to find and are steadily decreasing in cost.

Pollution Solution

Did you realize that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies pollutants into two categories? They call things which can kill you “life-threatening pollutants”. Everything else which can get you sick is known merely “nuisance pollutants.” Over time, they really are the same kind of pollutant. If you are sick, your body does not have the energy to defend against illness and disease.

One of the commonest nuisance pollutants that can be found in your tap water is chlorine. You don’t need to be able to smell it to ensure that there is too much in your water supply. If your skin has problems and your hair is now brittle and thin, then you might be having problems with chlorine in your water. (Be sure to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis, though!) The usage of a portable drinking water filter and a shower water filter can help your skin, hair and overall health.

No Bottles

Although millions of people fell for the commitment of getting pure and healthy drinking water from pricey bottled water, this has proven to be nothing but an elaborate scam. ABC News sent various famous brands of bottled water to a professional chemist in order to analyze what was different about bottles water when compared with tap water. The study found no distinctions at all. And bottled water, over time, is far costlier than utilizing a portable drinking water filter.

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