The Keurig Platinum B70

The Keurig Platinum B70 is the top of the line home-based model from this popular single serve coffee maker manufacturer. This machine comes with all the bells and whistles, but in the end, are these extra features really worth the extra money you will need to pay for this model?

First, let us take a look at its features. The most notable difference between this model and its less expensive alternatives are the number of brewing cup sizes available. It can make four different sizes of hot beverages, ranging from 5.25 ounces to 11.25 ounces. In addition to these, it also has iced beverage option, which provides a 3.25 ounce serving size.

Like the B60 Special Edition model, the Keurig B70 Platinum offers a customizable brewing temperature and has a blue lit LED control center. However, in addition to the control center, this model also has a blue backlit water reservoir. It is an attractive machine that has won awards for its looks. Other features include an auto on/off feature, a digital clock, and a descale indicator.

Like the other Keurig coffee makers, it uses individually sealed and prepackaged coffee grounds, known as K-Cups. There are approximately two hundred different varieties of K-Cups available from popular manufacturers, providing plenty of options when it comes to selecting coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

The optional My K-Cup coffee filter assembly can also be used with this model. This filter allows you to brew your favorite brands of coffee in this machine. This optional accessory can be purchased for less than twenty dollars.

Are these features worth the additional cost of the top of the line Keurig B70 Platinum coffee maker? Only you can answer this question. If you need the capability to select different brewing sizes and think that you would use the iced beverage feature, it may be a good investment. Also, if the appearance of your kitchen appliances are important, you cannot go wrong with the award-winning design of this model.

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