SEBO X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Efficient And Versatile.

German-engineered and also produced to the highest specifications Sebo Vacuums are designed to work.  They are liked by professional consumers throughout the world due to their modern engineering, state-of-the-art design and style and because they’re straightforward to maintain and use.

The SEBO automatic X-series vacuum is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced upright vacuums around the globe. Optimal cleaning is proven due to the exceptional design which has the capacity to lift or lower the powerhead automatically for the correct cleaning height for all different types of carpet or flooring.  The electronic controls distinguish the floor type or the height of the carpet pile and the brush is dropped or raised completely on its own, protecting floor surfaces from deterioration.  On hard floors the sealing strip on the base of the device does away with the kickback of debris and channels the flow of air to optimize the cleaning operation.

Not only does the electronic control systematically change the height it is also equipped with alert systems and programmed shut-off functions designed to notify the consumer to machine issues such as blockages, full bag, and brush obstructions.   If this does happen, removal and repair of the brushroller demands no tools.   Locating and cleaning blockages is simple. The complete machine is simple to use and can be disassembled in minutes (no equipment are necessary).

 Perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers the SEBO X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum provides an S-Class filtration as a standardized function.  This shows that it has three actions for filtration: To start with the three-layer filtration bag collects almost all debris, next any remaining debris are collected by a hospital-grade micro-hygiene filter ensuring that just the smallest, most harmless of dust remain, but even they are filtered with a micro-exhast filter that cleans the exhaust air the vacuum emits.   In general, this ends in 99.9% effectiveness with particles to 0.3 microns becoming filtrated throughout the system defining it as ideal for people who suffer symptoms of asthma or hypersensitivity.
 Changing the filter bag is easy and clean.  When the bag is closed, no dust can escape and the bag will load in to the device automatically as soon as situated on the holder, by simply shutting the cover.

The vacuum cleaner is exceptionally flexible.  It can be simply adjusted to a ‘flat to the floor’ profile which has a 5 ½ inch profile so this is a vacuum that can go under your bed or other low furniture.  The 40 foot power cord length means you can save very own energy because you will have much less electrical sockets to swap while vacuum-cleaning.

 Integrated as standard are other on-board extras including a crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle plus a dusting brush.  This Sebo Vacuum also is sold with what is describes as a ‘free’ service container consisting of all that’s necessary for vacuum care as well as extra bags and filters.

 From a technical perspective the SEBO X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum Cleaner has a 1300 watt motor and is energy efficient. It features a reinforced toothed Timing Belt-driven brush roller with the belts developed to not stretch or slip and with a lifetime warranty to last the life of the device. The machine has a 3 year parts manufacturer’s warranty, and so having the lifetime guarantee for the belt it offers the reassurance that comes with realizing you’ve selected a product which the makers will stand behind.

The SEBO X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum is a reliable vacuum with features geared to home and office. To read more go to


home improvements SEBO X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum Cleaner Efficient And Versatile.

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