Review Of The Weber Q200 Portable Gas Barbeque

The Weber Q200 portable gas barbeque is an upgrade on the Q100. To a great extent it’s identical. However it has a larger grilling area and a more powerful burner. It is also fitted with useful work tables.

It’s fantastic for just taking out and about with you. You can just store it away on a shelf when you’ve finished – it will take up hardly any space at all. But it comes into its own when taken out and about on picnics, camping or to the beach.

Gas barbeques have many advantages over charcoal grills. Anyone who has carried a barbeque and charcoal to and from the beach will understand that a portable gas grill is the ideal solution. Apart from the carrying, you can start cooking more or less straight away. Gas barbeques are ready to use almost straight away.

It’s often said that there is no substitute for a charcoal grill for getting that unique barbeque flavour. On the other hand, the advantages of gas are undeniable.

The Weber Q 200 is light to carry, as it’s made in aluminium with a frame of heat resistant glass-reinforced nylon.Carrying is easy with the built in handles.

It remains a very compact grill, but still with enough capacity to cook 6 to 8 burgers, steaks or fish. The Q200 is not intended for large barbeque parties – for a couple or a smalll family howver it’s plenty big enough. As a portable backup to your main grill, or to take out-and-about, it’s ideal.

The barbeque is designed to be very easy to use. The stainless steel burners are lit by push-button ignition, are infinitely controllable and heat up quickly. The enamelled cooking grate will be easy to clean, as will the removable drip tray. There are folding work tables with tool-holders fitted to either side.

Gas is supplied from 450g gas canisters. It’s difficult to advise on how long these will last for you – it depends on what and how you cook. The barbeque will work much quicker and be far more economical on gas if you keep the lid closed. An option, if you want to use a large gas cylinder, is to buy the adaptor kit. This would make it easy and more economical to hook up your grill to a caravan.

The Weber Q200 is covered by a 5 year guarantee. Added to this you even get a free recipe booklet!

It’s a modern, efficient and highly portable barbeque, and stylish in design too. It comes highly recommended.

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