Essential Features Of New Dishwashers

Your dishwasher plays a vital role in your household, saving you countless hours of hand washing and providing a more sanitary and thorough clean. When your current appliance is in need of replacing or you are moving to a new home, shopping for new dishwasher becomes an urgent task. Be sure to find the best model for your home by browsing for these essential characteristics.

Style and Colour
Dishwashers come in various styles and finish colours. Black and stainless steel are popular in more modern kitchens, while classic white and cream work very well in country kitchens. There is also a wide range of custom colours to give your new dishwasher a unique look. Shop for pink, orange, lime green or yellow – guaranteed to draw the eye in your kitchen.

Finishes include a shiny front or a more matte look. Think about which style will be the easiest to keep clean and choose one that suits your tastes and décor.

Size and Capacity
There is a certain spot for your dishwasher in the kitchen and most times you will need to find a unit that fits in that spot. With the help of a contractor you may be able to renovate the cabinets and counter to accommodate a different size, but it’s a good idea to find that out before making a purchase.

Capacity is an important element of dishwashers. Choose a model that holds the at least the amount of place settings your family requires for one meal. If you like to entertain, opt for an even larger capacity model.

Energy Efficiency
An important feature in today’s environmentally conscious world, it is a wise idea to choose an energy efficient model. You’ll cut down on water usage and likely save money on both your electrical and water bills. Look for a highly rated model (A or AA) and consider this feature an investment in your home as well as in the planet.

Price and Brand
Most people check out these features first, although the size and level of efficiency are probably the most important factors. Start with a rough idea of your budget and investigate what features are available in that price range. If you can afford a little more (or will be happy with something a little cheaper), adjust that number as needed.

Choose a brand that you trust. Most major appliance manufacturers have a line of dishwashers and each have a distinct look and feature list. Whichever brand you choose, opt for one with a solid warranty and a reliable performance record.

Be sure to take your time when shopping for new dishwashers. By visiting a quality appliance retailer you should be able to find the model that suits your home and budget including the possibility of a built in dishwasher


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